Line Command exits

Line Command processing is available only for Menu and Edit Table screen processing. These exits are invoked after a menu item has been selected, or a set of rows has been selected using the line commands.

The Menu Line Command processing exit, CMA, may be used for automatic tailoring of menu transfers required for security considerations or for adapting to dynamic events such as system configuration changes. Control is transferred to the exit directly after the user has selected a valid menu item for processing and prior to the transfer of control to the program as specified in the selected menu item. The selected menu item is available in T-MENU-TABLE-ITEM for inspection, as well as modification.

The Edit Table Line Command processing exit, CSA, receives control after a line command at the left hand column of the screen has been validated by tablesONLINE/CICS but before the line command is executed. A valid line command is a single character associated with a single row in a table or a double character pair of line commands bound to a series of rows in the table. The CSA exit is invoked once for each valid line command on the screen. This exit point may be used to enhance the operation of existing line commands, or to create entirely new line commands. Three Line Command symbols can be defined that are distinct from the line command symbols currently in use by tablesONLINE/CICS. The default values are set in the TBOLCNST table and have the following field names: R LINE CMD, C LINE CMD, and X LINE CMD.