MVS run-time JCL requirements

If the tableBASE system load library is not included in the MVS linklist, then runtime JCL should include the following:

//STEPLIB       DD DSN=your.dsn.qualifier.LOAD,DISP=SHR

tableBASE libraries may be allocated to a batch region with a disposition of OLD if exclusive control of the library or tables is required, or SHR if tables can be shared with other regions (such as CICS).

To reference an existing tableBASE library, use this JCL as a pattern:


Each tableBASE library is identified by a unique DDNAME. You may not associate more than one DDNAME with the same tableBASE library. Multiple libraries cannot be concatenated using a single DD statement. The tableBASE ML command is available for logically concatenating libraries.

tableBASE defaults to a library search list consisting of the single DDNAME MAINLIB, unless a different default is specified in the TBOPT file (see Parameters for all tableBASE environments). The ML command may be used to change the tableBASE library search list to any set of libraries required.

If a TBOPT file will be used as a source of run-time parameter input, a TBOPT DD statement must be provided. For more information about using a TBOPT dataset, see TBOPT dataset coding.

If a tableSPACE report (STROBE report) is required, a DD statement must be provided with a DDNAME of TBTSRPT.

The record length for TBTSRPT is 80 characters.