tableBASE driver command processor for CICS

The tableBASE driver command processor (DK1TDRVC, named TBDRIVC in Version 5) is a CICS conversational transaction (normally installed as TBDR) that accepts tableBASE commands from the terminal and invokes the TBLBASE API to execute them. It allows interactive access to all tableBASE operations. It is intended for knowledgeable users performing system administration or application development and testing.

DK1TDRVC accepts commands from and delivers output to the terminal. The top level of DK1TDRVC is simply an input-process-output loop that:

  • reads a command
  • attempts to execute it
  • reports the results.

This loop repeats until DK1TDRVC terminates. The <PF3> key and the command “/*” both give control back to the caller—either the CICS command interpreter or the tablesONLINE/CICS application. The CLEAR key returns control to the CICS command interpreter.

DK1TDRVC can be invoked in any CICS environment as a separate transaction. The default transaction identifier is TBDR. Check with your system administrator to see if this has been changed to match local conventions or to avoid conflict with other names in use at your installation.

DK1TDRVC can also be invoked from tablesONLINE/CICS if your installation has licensed tablesONLINE/CICS.