Warnings and restrictions

The following warnings and/or restrictions apply to TBINDX:

  • Errors in the specification of the parameters will produce indeterminate results.
  • When organization = ‘H’ and action is ‘I’ or ‘U’, TBINDX will return an overflow condition when the number of rows in the tag table is one less than the tag table maximum. This is in order to maintain the integrity of the search mechanism.
  • The overflow condition will be set if the primary table becomes full.
  • When organization = ‘H’, no search key may equal LOW-VALUES (binary zeroes).
  • TAG-TABLE-MAX, when specified must be greater than MAX-ROWS.
  • If for any reason it is necessary to change ROW-SIZE or MAX- ROWS (for a table with METHOD = ‘C’) during program execution, field 14 in the definition must be re-initialized to LOW-VALUES (binary zeroes). Except as noted above this field must never be modified.
  • Within the table definition, either Field 14 or Fields 15a to 15c are required, not both.
  • If an unrecoverable inconsistency is discovered between the tag and primary tables, Register 15 will be set to 4 to indicate an error. This value can be checked from COBOL using the RETURN-CODE field.