Subroutine TBINDX

The subroutine TBINDX is an access subroutine that can be used when a program provides its own storage to maintain table data. TBINDX can operate on any area that contains repeating groups of fixed length data.

When many table insertions are required, or when frequent reorganization is required, TBINDX allows more efficient processing of tables than TBACC. TBINDX also reduces the storage needed for hash-organized tables.

As with TBACC, TBINDX can be used to operate on table data that has been loaded into a program area using the DU command (see Dump Table Contents (DU)).

The subroutine TBINDX uses a separate table to store the Index(es). This table is referred to as a tag table. The table data that you wish to access is stored in a Data Table (also known as a primary or base table). The tag table contains an Index into the primary table. For each entry in the primary table there is an associated eight byte entry in the tag table. The first four bytes of this entry contain the address of the key of the associated primary table entry relative to the beginning of the primary table. Bytes five through eight of the tag table entry contain the full word binary subscript of the associated primary table entry.