tableBASE commands

Most of the commands available are those supported by the tableBASE API TBLBASE (see Figure 98). The names of these commands, the order of parameters for each command, the size limit and default value for each parameter, and the error codes used are all determined by the TBLBASE API. See tableBASE commands for details of these commands and their parameters.

Figure 98. DK1TDRVC tableBASE commands
DK1TDRVC tableBASE commands

For each of the commands DK1TDRVC does the following:

  1. Puts data from its command line into a parameter block for the TBLBASE API
  2. Takes row data, if required, from below the ruler
  3. Parses any data on input lines 1-3 into comma separated fields and places the results in additional TBLBASE parameter fields, if the command requires these
  4. Fills null fields with default values
  5. Calls TBLBASE API to execute the command
  6. Reports results.

The “ERR”, “FOUND”, and “COUNT” fields on the command line indicate command results. In HELP or FORMAT modes, the ERR code is also interpreted to give a message on the message line. Any row fetched appears below the ruler.