6. WPSWD (8 bytes)

(WRITE-PASSWORD.) A write password protects a table from being opened for write from a tableBASE library. This password will be checked in the processing of an Open for Write (OW), Delete Generation (DG), Change Generations (CG), Vary VTS (VV), Rename Table (RN) or Divert (Existing) Table (DW) command. When a Get Table Definition (GD) command is issued, the presence of a WRITE-PASSWORD will be signalled by a value of “XXXXXXXX”.

To remove a password open the table for write and use the CD command and ensure that the first byte of the WRITE-PASSWORD contains an asterisk (*). This causes the WRITE-PASSWORD to be set to spaces which indicates a null password.

The default for the WRITE-PASSWORD is the READ-PASSWORD. This means that if you are attempting to open for write a table that has a read password but no write password, you must supply the READ-PASSWORD.