VTS-DATA (60 bytes)

This parameter is used to return VTS-TSR information from tableBASE when an LV command is issued.

 01  VTS-DATA.
      10 FILLER                        PIC X(8).
      10 VTS-VTSFIRST                  PIC X(8).
      10 VTS-VTSLAST                   PIC X(8).
      10 VTS-VTSNAME                   PIC X(8).
      10 VTS-DEFAULT-TSR               PIC X(8).
      10 VTS-TSRACCESS                 PIC X(1).
      10 VTS-RACF-VTS                  PIC X(1).
      10 VTS-TSR-KEY-PROTECT           PIC X(1).
      10 FILLER                        PIC X(3).
      10 VTS-GENERATION                PIC S9(4) COMP.
*  TPVM valid only with VTS Manager
      10 VTS-TPVM                      PIC X(8).
      10 VTS-PREFIX                    PIC X(4).