LIBnn, ML—tableBASE Library List

Specify in sequence, the names of the libraries (DDNAMEs) in the tableBASE Library List (LIB-LIST). In TBOPTGEN, this is specified as a comma delimited list under ML. In the TBOPT file, the library names are specified as LIBnn=lib_name. Up to 10 LIBnn may be specified, as long as the numbers are contiguous. For example, LIB01=MAINLIB, LIB02=TESTLIB.

LIBnn numbers must be contiguous AND they must start with LIB01 or LIB02, otherwise tableBASE initialization will fail.

The delivered default is ML=MAINLIB which is equivalent to supplying a single parameter LIB01=MAINLIB. If no ML is set, tableBASE uses MAINLIB.

A VTS-TSR may also be included in the search list by specifying the name of the VTS-TSR in LIB-LIST instead of a library DDNAME. For example, if VTS: is the value specified for VTSPREFIX and the VTS name is DKL1, then VTS:DKL1 could be specified in LIB-LIST.

This option applies to this region’s users, regardless of which TSR they access.

This option can be specified for all tableBASE interfaces.