TB-PARM V4 (28 bytes)

This was the Version 4 general communications area for tableBASE. It is supported for backward compatibility but is not recommended for use with new applications.

 01  TB-PARM-R4.
      10 TB-PARM-ID                PIC X(2)  VALUE 'TB'.
      10 TB-FUNCTION               PIC S9(4) COMP VALUE 0.
      10 TB-VERSION                PIC X(1)  VALUE '0'.
      10 FILLER                    PIC X(3)  VALUE LOW-VALUES.
      10 TB-SUBSYSTEM              PIC X(4)  VALUE LOW-VALUES.
      10 FILLER                    PIC X(8)  VALUE LOW-VALUES.
      10 TB-DATE                   PIC X(8)  VALUE LOW-VALUES.