ROW-AREA (Table Specific)

An area large enough to contain one full row of the table. This area will be used to receive the contents of the appropriate row from the table after a Fetch, Get, or Delete command. If there is a likelihood that the row size will increase with new fields, it is prudent to define this area a little larger to accommodate this growth. Then when growth occurs, the programs that don’t require the additional data do not require a recompile.

 01 xxxx-ROW-AREA.
    05 xxxx-ROW-KEY                 PIC X(nn).
    05 xxxx-ROW-DATA                PIC X(nn).

The Insert and Replace commands will take the data from the ROW-AREA to insert or replace a row in the table.

The number of bytes transferred between the ROW-AREA and the table may be less than or equal to the actual length of a row in the table, depending on the value of the ROW-OVERRIDE-LENGTH field in the COMMAND-AREA.

Maximum row size is 32767 bytes; minimum row size is 1 byte.