Dump Definition (DD)

Command title

Dump Table Definition


This command is obsolete, but is still supported for compatibility with existing programs. It is superseded by the GD (Get Table Definition) command. The DD command supplies information describing the specified table, but excluding the read and write passwords.

COBOL syntax

MOVE 'DD'                   TO xxxx-COMMAND.

C syntax

memcpy( tbCommArea.tbCommand, "DD", 2 );
TBLBASE( &tbParm, &tbCommArea, &tbTableDefinition,
         nGeneration );




Only the first 64 bytes of the DEFINITION-BLOCK are returned, through field XXXX-ABS-GEN-NO.

Refer to the GD command for more details on how the search for the table is done.

Return value

The read and write Password fields will be set to blanks if the table has no passwords, or will be set to Xs if the password has been defined for the table. The information is returned in the DEFINITION-BLOCK parameter.

If the table is found, FOUND is set to Y, otherwise it is set to N.

If the table is already open, the definition for the open generation is returned.

If the table is not open, the current generation is taken from the first tableBASE library where the table is found as specified in the LIB-LIST.

The command shows the time and date of creation for a temporary table (created by DT or IA). Previous releases showed these values only for tables that were stored on a library.

Refer to the GD command for more details on return values.


For an Alternate Index that is not open, row size is returned as zero.



See also

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