Customizing tableBASE options

In addition to the variety of facilities embodied in the command set, tableBASE also provides facilities for you to tailor its execution to your particular needs. It does this through execution-time parameters and switches. In this chapter we will discuss these parameters and switches.

The tableBASE software includes delivered default values for these parameters and switches assembled within certain of the tableBASE modules. You can modify these parameters and switches in either of two ways:

  • Modify them within the modules supplied and then re-assemble and link the modules. They would then become the default parameters and switches for your company’s use of tableBASE (installation defaults). Details of modifying the parameters and switches in this way will be found in the tableBASE Installation Guide.
  • Use a parameter input file to your programs. In this file, which goes under the DDNAME of TBOPT, you can override any or all of the default installation parameters.

The focus of this chapter is on the parameters and switches themselves, rather than on the syntax of specifying them.

Parameters fall into two groups—those that apply in all tableBASE environments and those that apply only in specific environments.

For a full discussion on tableBASE parameters, see tableBASE run-time options.