TOA exit

There are several functions that tablesONLINE/CICS performs after opening a table. These functions can be bypassed if this indicator, BYPASS-ACTION-IND, is set to Y. If this is done, care must be taken to perform in the exit program any or all of the functions described in the following paragraph.

After opening a table, tablesONLINE/CICS performs the following functions:

  • Gets the Definition to determine: Row Size, Organization, and Index type (True or Pointer);
  • If necessary, either reorganizes the table into sequential order with a binary search or Invokes an Alternate Index for a non-sequential Indexed table. No action can be taken when the table is being browsed;
  • Verifies that the Row Size, Key Size, and Key Location of the table match those of the View.

For all remaining exit programs called After any action but input (TCA, TSA, IDA, IMA, INA IUA, FOA), the possible values for the BYPASS-ACTION-IND indicator are:

  • Y—Not used, re-display
  • E—Nothing retrieved, display it
  • W, I, or space—Have data, old data, display it