tableBASE user errors

Under most circumstances, when tableBASE encounters an error it will return either an error code and error sub-code, or, if the tableBASE settings indicate it should abend rather than continue, it will abend with a user code.

tableBASE user errors may be the result of an incorrectly issued tableBASE command or providing incorrect parameters. These are diagnosed by consulting the resulting error code and error sub-code or the abend user code. These error messages should provide sufficient information to understand and correct the basic user error problems. For a list of tableBASE messages and error codes, see tableBASE messages.

Whether or not tableBASE abends when it receives an error can be controlled via the use of a CS command or a temporary Abend Error override. See Change Status (CS) for information on modifying this Status Switch.

An abend will normally result in a SYSLOG message. The user may provide a JCL file statement with his job in order to obtain the dump that will be produced on SYSUDUMP under MVS and OPTION DUMP.

In addition, provision of a TBDUMP JCL file statement allows the printing of a report containing only the saved registers and tableBASE control blocks (see TBDUMP Diagnostic Information). This will usually be required by DataKinetics Technical Support to diagnose the cause of the error.