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Mainframe Performance & Optimization Solutions

Your internal and outsourced data centers are complex to say the least—an ecosystem of highly intertwined hardware, software, personnel, management, and business processes that affect all facets of the business—and your customers.

It is for this reason that DataKinetics approaches mainframe solutions from many distinct directions, as we know that the internal drivers dictating your strategies, goals and desired outcomes span the breadth of not just IT, but the entire business – and beyond.

Mainframe Performance

The increasing demands on your mainframe are affecting it’s performance but you have options to handle everything without the need for upgrades.

Mainframe Cost Optimization

Start lowering your mainframe’s operating costs caused by the continual growth of your business and the increasing amount of workloads.

Mainframe Batch Processing

Batch processing is used for some of your most critical business operations but completing it on time is becoming more of a challenge everyday.

Mainframe Modernization

Continue to use your most powerful computing platform while increasing it’s flexibility to handle any new technology and workloads you want to run.

Mainframe Capacity

Virtually all mainframe IT shops must ensure their systems have the capacity to handle both planned growth and seasonal upswings.

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