Entering the name of any command in the command area and pressing <PF1> provides help on that command, if you are in the default HELP mode. In FORMAT mode, it displays only the command argument format information on the message line.

You may obtain a list of available commands by entering “??” as a command. Or, you may enter “?K” for a display of PF Key functions.

This is the screen obtained by entering HP, HELP, and pressing <PF1> or <Enter> (see Figure 97).

Figure 97. DK1TDRVC help screen
DK1TDRVC help screen

One way to obtain help is to enter the HP command then page through the available help material. For more specific help, enter a command name in the command field of the first line, then press <PF1>.

<PF1> with any command in TBONLY mode or <PF1> with a blank command area in HELP mode re-displays the DK1TDRVC sign on screen.