3. FOUND (1 byte)

The FOUND field indicates that the specified row has been found. It provides relevant feedback for commands such as FK that must find a particular row in order to successfully execute. However, the value of this field is not relevant for commands that do not require a particular row found, such as IC.

All commands return a FOUND value of Y or N whether or not FOUND is applicable to the command. The default value is N.

The value of the FOUND field is relevant to retrieval commands (SK, FK, FC, FG, FN GF, GL, GN, and GP), update commands using keys (DK, RK, and IK), DC, RC, GD and NX. The FOUND field should be checked after calling tableBASE with any of these commands.

This field is used to indicate that the specified table row has been found with the exceptions listed in Table 68.

Table 68. Found byte


FOUND is set to Y if the table is found.


FOUND is set to Y if a table in the directory exists with a name greater than the input TABLE value.


FOUND is set to Y if the row to be deleted was found.


FOUND is set to Y if the row to be replaced was found.