TBINDEX-DEF (32 bytes)

This parameter is used to download tableBASE table definition data for subsequent use by TBINDX. When a program requires internal use of a table maintained on a tableBASE library, the DU command copies this table to a program area. The final 220 bytes are reserved for additional area used by TBINDX commands. (For further information, see Subroutine TBINDX).

     05  XXXX-ROWS                    PIC S9(8)  COMP VALUE +0.
     05  XXXX-SIZE                    PIC S9(8)  COMP VALUE +100.
     05  XXXX-KEYSIZE                 PIC S9(8)  COMP VALUE +7.
     05  XXXX-KEYLOC                  PIC S9(8)  COMP VALUE +4.
     05  XXXX-MAX                     PIC S9(8)  COMP VALUE +1000.
     05  XXXX-SUB                     PIC S9(8)  COMP VALUE +0.
     05  XXXX-ORG                     PIC X      VALUE 'S'.
     05  XXXX-FOUND                   PIC X.
     05  XXXX-OVFLOW                  PIC X.
     05  XXXX-ACTION                  PIC X      VALUE 'S'.
     05  XXXX-METHOD                  PIC X      VALUE 'C'.
     05  FILLER                       PIC X(3)   VALUE LOW-VALUES.
     05  XXXX-PRIMARY-SUB             PIC S9(8)  COMP.
     05  XXXX-WORK-AREA               PIC X(220) VALUE SPACES.
         10 XXXX-TAG-MAX              PIC S9(8)  COMP VALUE +1000.
         10 FILLER                    PIC X(216) VALUE SPACES.