Although we recommend static linking, TBLBASE may be linked either statically or dynamically. In either case, TBLBASE itself dynamically loads other tableBASE modules as appropriate. For this reason, the load library containing tableBASE must be available to the calling program, either through the system linklist or through the JOBLIB or STEPLIB JCL statements.

The batch interface may also be used in TSO. In this case, if the calling program is running in the foreground, the tableBASE load library must be identified in the system link list or it must be allocated in the User’s LOGON procedure.

TBLBASE is re-entrant, which means that TBLBASE code and tables are shared by all modules calling within a given job step. Although the TBLBASE stub, as shipped, is link-edited as Amode (ANY) Rmode (24)—which was done for backwards compatibility—the stub can be safely link-edited into an Amode(31), Rmode(any) application module.