Strobe interval

tableBASE can produce a report summarizing your use of tableBASE. This report, known as the Table Space Report, includes such information as the space occupied by each table in the TSR, the number of accesses for each table, etc.

You control the frequency with which this information is collected using the STROBE parameter. For example, if you specify a strobe interval of 10,000, the Report record creation routine is called after every 10,000 calls to tableBASE. The report can be printed on demand or when tableBASE terminates.

If Table Space Reports are not desired, there are two ways to turn them off, thus avoiding the related overhead computations:

  • STROBE=0 may be specified for the STROBE parameter.
  • Omitting the TBTSRPT DD from the JCL (doesn’t apply to CICS).

STROBE=0 is useful in the CICS environment in which the Table Space Report records are written to the CICS log file; it will eliminate logging of report records if these are not required.