Virtual Table Share (VTS-TSR)

A VTS-TSR allows multiple applications, co-existing within the same operating system (multiple MVS jobs), to access tables that reside in a shared TSR. This allows applications to share tables. Prior to tableBASE Version 6, VTS-TSRs were read-only. With Version 6, this access was improved to allow tables to be opened for read or write in a read-write VTS-TSR. With Version 7 and the introduction of VTS Gate, besides offering enhanced security features, VTS-TSRs can be read-only or read-write. Access to tableBASE VTS is supported under MVS batch, TSO, IMS, CICS and WLM-managed DB2 Stored Procedures.

The DataKinetics VTS product has two components:

  • The shared TSR owner job, the VTS Agent
  • The user applications access interface, the VTS user.
With previous releases of tableBASE, the use of TBCALLV was promoted as a way to access VTS with the shortest path. Since the release of Version 6, the use of TBCALLV no longer offers any advantages.