I Field

The “I” field on the command line is a dual purpose field. It can be used to invoke an indirect open or to convert table names.

If you set the field to I or a space, this value is passed to the TBLBASE API as the INDIRECT INDICATOR field. See Open for Write (OW), Open for Read (OR), and Open Indirect.

This field may also be set to V=view. These values are not passed to the TBLBASE API (a space is substituted), but are used by DK1TDRVC to rename tables.

A value of V=view in the field indicates that the table name should be converted to a View name (bit six of its first character set to a value of zero, counting the least significant bit as bit zero) before use.

Once set, the “I” field retains its value so that a series of operations on Views can be performed without having to reset it. The NX command, which gets the next table name from the tableBASE library directory, sets this field to the appropriate type for that table, while the DR command, which gives a directory of the library, sets the field to the type of the last table listed.