STROBE—Strobe Interval

Specifies a numeric value, from 0 to 2,147,483,647(2G – 1), to control the interval after which tableBASE strobe reporting is triggered. The delivered default is 0.

For the VTS environment, this option is used in conjunction with STROBEMETHOD. The numeric value specified either represents a call count (STROBEMETHOD=0, 1 or 2) or a minute interval (STROBEMETHOD=3). See STROBEMETHOD—Strobe Method for more details.

For all other environments, the numeric value represents a call count.

The STROBE option can be specified for all except the DB2 Stored Procedure interface as strobe reporting does not work in this environment.

For the batch, IMS and VTS interfaces, a final strobe report will always be produced if the TBTSRPT DD statement is present (even if STROBE is set to 0). In order to suppress strobe reporting, the TBTSRPT DD statement must be removed from the job. For STROBE=0, no intermediate strobe report is produced.

TBTSRPT is not relevant in the CICS environment. CICS strobe statistics are written to a CICS journal file (DFHJ99) from which the strobe report is generated via a tableBASE utility (DK1TSTRB). No final strobe is written to the CICS journal if STROBE is set to 0 or the STROBE is set at a value which causes no strobes to be written before step end. This means that for these cases, there will be no STROBE report generated. This behaviour is consistent with that for Release 5.1.

For more information on CICS strobe reporting, please refer to the tableBASE Administration Guide.

This option applies to the TSR created by this region/job and all users accessing it.

The numeric value must be specified without commas.