Warnings and restrictions

The following warnings and/or restrictions apply to TBACC:

  1. Errors in the specification of the parameters will produce indeterminate results.
  2. When organization = H and action is I or U then TBACC will return an overflow condition when the number of rows in a table is one less than the maximum. This method of processing maintains the integrity of the search mechanism.
  3. When organization = H the table must be initialized to LOW-VALUES (binary zeroes).
  4. When organization = H no search key may equal LOW-VALUES (binary zeroes).
  5. If for any reason it is necessary to change ROW-SIZE or MAX- ROWS during program execution, sub-field 13, WORK-AREA, in the table definition (TBACC-DEF) must be re-initialized to LOW-VALUES (binary zeroes). Except as noted above this field must never be modified.