Invoke Alternate Index (IA)

Command title

Invoke Alternate Definition


This command opens an Alternate Index table by generating a new Index for the data of an open table.

COBOL syntax

MOVE 'IA'                   TO xxxx-COMMAND.

C syntax

memcpy( tbCommArea.tbCommand, "IA", 2 );
TBLBASE( &tbParm, &tbCommArea, pDataTableName,
         &tbAltDefinition );


DATA-TABLE-NAME (optional) —the name of the Data Table



The Invoke Alternate command is primarily used for generating temporary Alternate Indexes. While the IA can also open a permanent Alternate Index, the recommended way to create a permanent Alternate Index is to use the CA command, and then subsequently use the OR or OW commands to open the Alternate Index.

To create a temporary Alternate Index, create the definition for the Alternate Index with the ALT-DEFINITION and DATA-TABLE-NAME parameter. If these parameters are not supplied, the library concatenation list will be searched for an existing Alternate Index based on the table name in the xxxx-COMMAND-AREA.

An IA command will only work if the Data Table is already open for read or write. This command does not work with a linked table. See Linked tables and TB-PARM.

Return value

Error 0080 subcode 1 or subcode 2 may occur because the Data Table is not open or accessible in the TSR.

Error code 0083 is returned if the Data Table is defined with Index=True. Some releases of Version 6 may have returned 0. Error code 0083 is the correct response.

Other possible ERRORs 0015, 0016, 0017, 0021, 0055, 0056, 0081, and 0087 are related to invalid sub-parameters.

For a list of tableBASE error codes, see tableBASE return codes.


A close command will close only the Alternate Index. If a close command is issued against the Data Table, all the Alternates are closed as well.

If an ST command is issued against an Alternate Index, the Data Table is stored.

A Data Table may have any number of Alternate Indexes.



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