Specifies when tableBASE strobe reporting is triggered for the VTS-TSR.

This option applies only to the VTS environment.

Values for this parameter can be 0 and 3. The delivered default is 0.

The following is a description of each parameter value:

  • 0 indicates that the traditional strobe reporting method, by number of calls, using the STROBE=n parameter, will occur.
  • 3 indicates that strobe reporting will be triggered by time interval instead of call count. STROBE=n will indicate the number of minutes, n, after which a strobe is to be taken. Although STROBEMETHOD=3 was initially designed for hardware key protected VTS-TSRs, it can also be used for a VTS-TSR without any VTS Gate features.

If STROBE=n is not specified with STROBEMETHOD, the default of STROBE=0 is used and only 1 report will be produced at tableBASE termination.

STROBEMETHOD can be specified in the TBOPT DD statement or modified in TBOPTGEN source, reassembled and relinked into DK1VBASE for the VTS Agent job.

For STROBEMETHOD of 0, strobe processing has been improved so that tableBASE processing is prevented from waiting for the strobe report. If the number of calls in the STROBE parameter is set to a small value and tableBASE calls are made more frequently than strobe reports can be produced, the frequency of reports may change due to strobe reports being bypassed.