DataKinetics @ SHARE 2022

August 21–26, 2022Hyatt Regency Convention CenterColumbus, Ohio Come meet our mainframe experts at Booth #116 SHARE Columbus combines renowned industry leaders, user-driven technical sessions, insights from colleagues, and hardware and software product highlights over...

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Questions from a CFO after Z Day 2022

Tuesday April 5, 2022 was a great day to be part of the mainframe community. As you may have seen on the wire, that was the day IBM “unveiled IBM® z16™, IBM's next-generation system with an integrated on-chip AI accelerator—delivering latency-optimized inferencing....

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IBM Champions 2022 Announcement

DataKinetics is honored to announce that our company's Chief Product Officer, Larry Strickland, has been recognized as an official IBM Champion. This award is direct recognition of Larry’s longstanding championing of the mainframe and his deep subject matter expertise...

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From traditional IT operations to AIOps

AIOps is a trending topic within the hybrid and complex IT landscape.  And in fact, many companies already started their journey to AIOps. They have more and new requirements for IT operations. From our experience working with China and ASEAN Pacific customers, we...

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Modernizing Mainframe Access for the “New Normal”

Many enterprises that rely on IBM mainframes were caught out when the pandemic hit as they were not set up to enable large numbers of staff to access applications remotely. However, the enforced switch to home working has provided the much-needed impetus to evaluate...

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ATTENTION: Log4j / Log4Shell Threat

DataKinetics products do not use or include any Java libraries.

Users of tableBASE, tableBASE VTS, and tableBASE Online are not vulnerable to the Log4j / Log4Shell threat.