Thread Management Area (TMA)

Thread Management Area (TMA)—eyecatcher “TMAAREA”. This control block is created on the first call to tableBASE for a thread; it is freed when the thread terminates. In CICS it represents a transaction and is allocated by the tableBASE Task Related User Exit (TRUE) DK1TCRM. In other environments it represents a TCB. In tableBASE modules register 9 usually contains the address of the TMA.

User fields in the TMA:

+'0020' copy of the current (or last) tableBASE command issued by the thread
+'0068' copy of the TBPARM (if any)
+'03F5' status switches in effect for the thread
+'0402' current library list
Important! The displacements above, and in the rest of this section, may change with maintenance to tableBASE. These displacements are valid for Release 7.0.0.