LIST-BLOCK (88 bytes)

This parameter is used by the LT command and contains information about the current and past use of the TSR. The first three fields are input fields and control the information to be placed in the optional TABLE-STATS parameter for the LT command. The rest of the fields are output fields and describe usage statistics about the TSR.

The amount of information returned in the LIST-BLOCK is controlled by the FUNCTION-ID in the COMMAND-AREA. If the FUNCTION-ID is 0, then only the first eleven fields of the LIST-BLOCK will be used; i.e., after the first three input fields, only the fields up to and including LIST-STROBE will be returned. If the FUNCTION-ID is 16, then all fields (88 bytes) will be used.

      01 LIST-BLOCK.
     * Values set for use by LT command
          05 LIST-FROM              PIC S9(9)  COMP VALUE +1.
          05 LIST-REQD              PIC S9(9)  COMP VALUE +96.
          05 LIST-SIZE              PIC S9(9)  COMP VALUE +80.
     * Standard values returned by LT command
          05 LIST-TOTAL             PIC S9(9)  COMP.
          05 LIST-RETURNED          PIC S9(9)  COMP.
          05 LIST-TSR-HW            PIC S9(9)  COMP.
          05 LIST-OPEN-HW           PIC S9(9)  COMP.
          05 LIST-OPEN-NOW          PIC S9(9)  COMP.
          05 LIST-TSR-NOW           PIC S9(9)  COMP.
          05 LIST-TSR-SZ            PIC S9(9)  COMP.
          05 LIST-STROBE            PIC S9(9)  COMP.
     * Extra values returned when function-id is 16 (x'10')
          05 LIST-TOTAL-HWM         PIC S9(9)  COMP.
          05 LIST-TOTAL-CALLS       PIC S9(18) COMP.
          05 LIST-MAX-TBLS          PIC S9(9)  COMP.
          05 FILLER                 PIC X(16).
          05 LIST-TSR-AVAIL         PIC S9(9)  COMP.
          05 FILLER                 PIC X(8).