Table 83 below summarizes the meaning of the bypass indicator for various exit types.

Table 83. Bypass Action indicator summary

Exit type

Return Bypass Action indicator



W, I, or space

System before action (SIB, SIA)

Abandon sign on

Abandon sign on

Not used

System after action (SOB, SOA)

Not used

Not used

Not used

Command (CMB, CMA, CIB, CSB, CSA, CEB)

Not used

Not used

Not used

Data validation before action (TOB, TCB, TSB, IDB, FIB, and FOB)

Not used

Error, tablesONLINE should not continue the action

tablesONLINE should attempt the action

Intervening before to replace tablesONLINE action (TOB, TCB, TSB, IIB, IUB, INB, IMB, IDB, FIB, FOB)

Action successfully completed by exit program

Action could not be completed by exit program

Not used

After item or field input (IIA, FIA)

Excluded data, get next without displaying

Nothing retrieved, re-display old data

Retrieved data, display it

After Table Open (TOA)

See TOA exit

Error, tablesONLINE should not continue with the action

Not used

All other after exits (TCA, TSA, IDA, IMA, INA, IUA, FOA)

Not used redisplay

Nothing obtained, re-display old data

Got data, display it

Cross-field data validation (IXF)

Data valid but moving off the row is prevented

Bad data redisplay

Good data

Quitting (IQU)

Not used

Remain on row

Abandon item and continue per user’s instructions