VTS-TSR table loading sample JCL

Since tables can be opened into the VTS-TSR by any region that accesses it, there may be no need for preloading of tables into the VTS. However, if the VTS-TSR must be preloaded with specific tables, as it was in Version 5, a separate job executing DK1TDRV will need to be run. The job executing DK1TDRV can be cued off the message that is returned indicating that the VTS-TSR is now available:

DK100600I tableBASE Vvrm VTS vtsname initialized

A similar CMD file that was used as input (to TBPOSTV) in Version 5 can be used as input (to DK1TDRV) in later versions. Sample JCL is shown in Figure 28.

Figure 28. Sample JCL for loading tables
Sample JCL for loading tables