User Exits

In previous versions of tableBASE, the exits provided for tableBASE users, along with those reserved for DKL, were referred to as tableBASE system exits. Starting with tableBASE Version 6, a clear distinction is made between user exits and system exits. User exits are those designed for tableBASE users, while system exits are reserved strictly for use by DKL. This chapter deals with building and implementing user exits.

Starting with Version 6, user exits have been significantly enhanced to allow for added flexibility and functionality. There are now six dynamically invoked user exits available in all command environments, as summarized in Table 17.

Table 17. Comparing Old and New User Exits

Previous Exit Point or Level

New Exit Point or Level




This is the BEFORE COMMAND exit and is executed before each tableBASE command.

New starting with Version 6


This is the AFTER COMMAND exit and is executed after each tableBASE command.



This is the AFTER REGION INITIALIZATION exit is executed after region initialization.



Thisis the BEFORE REGION TERMINATION exit is executed before region termination.

New in Release 6.0.2


This is the AFTER THREAD INITIALIZATION exit is executed after thread initialization.

New in Release 6.0.2


This is the BEFORE THREAD TERMINATION exit is executed before thread termination.

The interface to the exits starting with tableBASE Version 6 is NOT compatible with that of prior versions.