VTSNAME—Specifying the Name of a VTS-TSR

The VTSNAME option specifies the name to be assigned to the VTS-TSR when it is initialized by the VTS Agent. The name is used by other regions to access the shared TSR.

  1. Starting in Release 6.0.3, VTSNAME can be 1 to 8 characters. The naming restrictions are identical to those for DDNAMEs in IBM JCL. VTSNAMEs of 1 to 4 characters created in prior releases are still supported.
  2. Care must be taken when assigning VTSNAMEs, particularly if VTSNAMEs are to be used in the ML List— the combined length of the VTSPREFIX and the VTSNAME cannot exceed eight characters (see VTSPREFIX—VTS Prefix Definition below).
  3. For compatibility with previous releases, where it was specified in the TBOPTV dataset of regions accessing tableBASE, VTSNAME can be used to specify the default VTS-TSR accessed by the TBCALLV and TBASEV interfaces. Note that the tableBASE options for applications using TBCALLV and TBASEV may have changed. See the “Environmental interfaces” chapter in the tableBASE Programming Guide for additional information.

This option applies to the TSR created by this region/job and all users accessing it.