What’s new in Version 7

Highlights of Version 7 are:

  1. A new optional interface, VTS Gate which provides added security for VTS-TSRs. Features include Read-only, SAF protected (using tools like ACF2, RACF, and Top Secret) and hardware key protected VTS-TSRs.
    1. Accessing an SAF interface protected or hardware key protected VTS-TSR with the tableBASE Version 4 TBASEV or TBCALLV APIs i.e. by setting the VTS name using the VTSNAME parameter of TBOPT, or through the VS command, is not supported and will produce unpredictable results. Please contact DataKinetics if this restriction affects you.
    2. tablesONLINE/CICS has not been upgraded to work with VTS Gate, so if a secure VTS is used with this interface, some errors may not be properly displayed. If you would like to use VTS Gate with tablesONLINE/CICS, please contact DataKinetics.
  2. A new run time option for VTS-TSR strobe reporting using minute intervals instead of call count.
  3. A new run time option to specify checking for SAF interface protected tableBASE libraries.
  4. Improved error handling and recovery for WLM-managed DB2 SPAS.