Program Call Server

tableBASE uses Program Call (PC) functionality, provided by IBM, to allow tableBASE program calls (PCs) to be available for tableBASE regions. This functionality is provided by the tableBASE PC Server.

The PC functionality supported by the PC Server provides the functions needed for tableBASE multi-tasking, for CICS thread-safe support, for accessing a VTS-TSR, and for compatibility with DB2 stored procedures, as well as other special functions that are required by tableBASE.

By using program calls, tableBASE can support those tasks that require special authorization. The PC Server also provides authorized address spaces for each LPAR in which tableBASE can run the following special functions:

  • End-of-task exit clean-up for each region
  • Enqueues, dequeues and cross-memory posts entailed in accessing tableBASE libraries in conjunction with a VTS-TSR
  • Monitor the connections and disconnections of each VTS-TSR
  • Enqueues and dequeues for accessing tableBASE in a CICS thread-safe application. For more details on PC Server implementation in a CICS environment, see PC Server implementation in a CICS environment.
The PC Server is needed, must be installed, and must be running at all times before tableBASE initializes in a region.