Creating new applications

tablesONLINE/CICS allows you to create new table-driven applications simply by copying existing application-driving tables and customizing them. The seven application-driving tables control:

  • menus
  • PF key definitions
  • command aliases
  • help text
  • description text
  • message text
  • library list for the application

In order to begin creating a new application, you must copy an existing set of application-driving tables. Select option 3, Copy Application, from the Administrator menu (see Figure 32).

In the delivered version of tablesONLINE/CICS the Copy Application option is provided as an administrative function. Depending on your installation, you may wish to grant the authority to perform this function to your application developers. For the procedure to do this, see the section on editing menu tables in the chapter “Building applications” of the tablesONLINE/CICS User’s Guide.