The signon security exit

Signon security is controlled by an exit routine and three tables. A security module, TBDKUSID, is included on the installation tape. This module is also supplied in COBOL source code so that you can modify it to suit your installation and replace the supplied module with your own customized version. The three security tables, TBOLACT TBOLXAUT and TBOLUSAP are stored in TBACTLB, the Application Control Table library, separate from other tables for security purposes.

Update access to this library is restricted to the tableBASE administrator. Therefore, the library may be used as a repository for any other tables requiring the same access authority. Each of the security tables is described in more detail in this chapter.

The security exit routine receives control immediately when tablesONLINE/CICS is invoked. Each user is assigned an application identifier, (up to four characters in length) and a user identifier, (up to eight characters in length), as shown in Figure 31. At signon, a user types these optional identifiers after the transaction code on the first line of the screen. TBDKUSID will determine if the information entered is valid and, if so, will allow signon to continue. If the information is invalid, signon will be aborted.

Figure 31. Signon identifiers
Signon identifiers