Converting from Release 4.2.x

The internal structure of a View changed from Release 4.2.x to Release 5.0 and greater. tablesONLINE/CICS includes a special routine to convert Views to the new structure. In order to convert Views, tablesONLINE/CICS writes the new View structures to tableBASE libraries. In some sites, these libraries cannot be updated when tablesONLINE/CICS is executing. In this case, you must convert your Views using the program TBVIEWCV, which is supplied on the tableBASE installation tape.

In order to run TBVIEWCV you must know:

  • your Master Password
  • whether you use the exit program facility of tablesONLINE

Your Master Password is required so that any passwords associated with a particular View may be overridden. If you use the exit program facility, then you need to know whether your exit programs have been changed to take advantage of Release 5 or Release 6 capabilities.

This information – the Master Password and the exit program status – is passed to TBVIEWCV via the parm field of the EXEC statement. The parm field can contain two positional parameters. The first parameter, which is mandatory, defines the Master Password. The second parameter is optional. It specifies the version of the exit program that is being used with Views.

The Master Password parameter must be 8 bytes long. If your Master Password is less than 8 bytes long, pad the characters to the right with blanks. If you use the second parameter, it must begin at the ninth position of the parm field.

You will consider using the second parameter only if you are using the exit program facility of tablesONLINE. The second parameter, if specified, denotes the version of tableBASE for which your exit programs were created. It must contain either 4 (for releases prior to 5.0) or 5 (for releases 5.0 or 6 [for releases 5.1 and later]). If your exit program version is blank and your exit program was written for earlier (pre-Release 5) versions of tableBASE, specify this parameter as 4. If you have modified your exit program to take advantage of Release 6 capabilities, specify this parameter as 6. Figure 60 shows a sample JCL.

Figure 60. JCL for manually converting VIEWS
JCL for manually converting VIEWS

In this case, the Master Password parameter is MSTRPSWD4, indicating a pre-Release 5 exit program. MSTRPSW 4, MSTR    4 are also valid; MSTRPSWD5, MSTRPSW 5 and MSTR    5 are valid for Release 5. MSTRPSWD6, MSTRPSW 6 and MSTR    6 are valid for Release 6.