TBOPT parameters

In order to use any of the VTS Gate security features, some VTS Agent run time option changes are required. The following is a summary of the run time options used for implementing the security features of VTS Gate. For detailed information on these options, refer to tableBASE run-time options.

  1. TSRACCESS specifies whether a VTS is read-only or read-write. RO indicates that the VTS is read-only. The default is RW.
  2. RACF_VTS specifies whether a VTS is SAF interface protected. A value of Y indicates that the VTS is SAF protected. The default is N.
  3. TSR_KEY_PROTECT specifies whether a VTS is hardware key protected. Any value from 1 to 7 can be used to specify a hardware key protected VTS. The default value of 0 specifies a VTS with no protection. If any value from 1 to 7 is used, then the option for TSRACCESS (1) must be set to RO and the option for STROBEMETHOD (4) must be set to 3.
  4. STROBEMETHOD specifies when usage statistics will be collected for a VTS. If TSR_KEY_PROTECT is set to any value from 1 to 7, then this option must be set to 3 (for more details, see Strobe reporting). This option is used in combination with the STROBE run time option which specifies the interval for collecting the statistics.

Except for STROBEMETHOD, the above options cannot be modified using the TBOPT DD statement in the VTS Agent job or task. It can only be modified using the DK1V1134 source provided and relinking DK1VBASE.

For information on how to override the default for these parameters, please see the chapter on “Installing the VTS Gate product” in the tableBASE Installation Guide.