Update commands in a VTS-TSR

tableBASE Version 6 introduced the read-write VTS-TSR which provides the ability to read and write to a VTS-TSR using a direct connection i.e. where the VTS name resides in the TB-SUBSYSTEM field of the TB-PARM. Write passwords on tables are enforced when tables are opened from a tableBASE library. However, passwords only protect tables in the library. Once a table is opened into a TSR (local or VTS), LOCK-LATCH or some other means of security process is needed to protect the table in the TSR.

Read-only VTS-TSRs are supported by the optional VTS Gate product. Read-only access to a VTS-TSR on a table-by-table basis is also supported through links between a table in the local TSR and the corresponding table within a VTS-TSR (see Linked tables in VTS).

Version 5 tableBASE VTS-TSRs were read-only.