LISTOPTIONS—List Parameter Options

Determines whether or not to list execution time parameters. If LISTOPTIONS=Y is specified, all default parameters and parameters overridden by the TBOPT dataset are listed in the JESMSGLG. LISTOPTIONS=N suppresses this list. The delivered default is LISTOPTIONS=N.

LISTOPTIONS=X is a special setting for TBOPTGEN (DK1T1134). It is the equivalent of LISTOPTIONS=N if the TBOPT DD was not present in the jobstream, and the equivalent of LISTOPTIONS=Y if the TBOPT DD is present. LISTOPTIONS=X applies to TBOPTGEN (DK1T1134) only; it does not apply to TBOPT.

This option applies to this region’s users, regardless of which TSR they access.

This option can be specified for all tableBASE interfaces.