Re-initialization of the Program Call Server

If the Server is brought down for any reason, all regions that have already completed tableBASE initialization will continue to operate using the Program Calls that were established when these jobs initialized. Any regions which attempt to initialize while the Server is down will fail. If the Server is brought back up at a different modification level, all new regions will initialize at the modification level of the new Server. All regions that were running before the previous Server came down and after the current Server was brought up will continue to run at the level of the previous Server.

  1. For CICS, the TBST TERM transaction may be used, followed by the TBST TBINIT transaction, to re-attempt initialization. However, do not attempt to do this without first calling DataKinetics Technical Support.
  2. See PC Server implementation in a CICS environment for PC Server implementation in a CICS environment.