Use of temp tables and TS queues

If there is a need to clean up temporary tables and/or temporary storage queues (TSQs) in a CICS environment, take care not to prematurely delete those created by the tablesONLINE/CICS application. These items can be identified; do not prematurely delete the following:

  • Internal tables: tables that contain the following prefixes:
    • DV<session-id><window-id>
    • DD<session-id><window-id>
    • SP<session-id><window-id>
    • EC<session-id><window-id>
    • ED<session-id><window-id>
    • MS<session-id><window-id>
    • MU<session-id><window-id>
    • LC<session-id><window-id>
    • RS<session-id><window-id>
    • SK<session-id><window-id>
  • Temporary storage queues:
    • TA<session-id><window-id>
    • TB<session-id><window-id>
  • Special purpose tables:
    1. all tables with a TBSYS prefix.
    2. tables used when performing auditing changes (i.e., for table named EXAMPLE, this would be tables named ExAMPLE or ExaMPLE)
    3. tables with a AUD suffix (e.g., EXAMAUD)

If you plan to clean up your temporary tables as part of your process, you should confine all of your temporary tables into a VTS-TSR (see tablesONLINE/CICS and VTS).