Terminating the administrator session

In some situations it may be necessary to delete the administrator session. This cannot be done from the Session table. Use the following procedure.

  1. From the tableBASE CICS Driver, TBDRIVC, place low values in the lock by using the >L command with 16 zeros in the first line, as shown in Figure 56.
    Figure 56. Place low values
    Place low values
  2. Locate the entry for deletion in the Session table by using the Get Next and Get Previous commands, as shown in Figure 57. The rows displayed contains non-displayable information, but the user identification will be visible.
    Figure 57. Locate entry for deletion
    Locate entry for deletion
  3. Delete the row, as shown in Figure 58.
    Figure 58. Delete the row
    Delete the row

It is not necessary to store the table, since the Session table does not reside on any library.