A successful start of the PC Server(s) will display the following message on the system console:

DK100800I tableBASE PC Server Vvrm available

If the PC Server(s) are stopped or cancelled by the operator while jobsteps, including CICS regions, are accessing tableBASE, the jobs will continue to run and access tableBASE. However, new jobsteps will not be able to start accessing tableBASE until the PC Server(s) are restarted.

To prevent operational problems related to the PC Server(s) not running, whether after an IPL or due to the PC Server step being stopped or cancelled, DataKinetics recommends the following procedures be considered:

  1. The PC Server(s) should be started automatically at IPL before any batch jobs, CICS regions, IMS MPRs or DB2 SPAS that access tableBASE are started.
  2. The appearance of message DK100800I could be used to trigger the start of any jobs that access tableBASE.
  3. Any current facility which monitors availability of critical subsystems should include monitoring the PC Server(s) jobname.
  4. If the PC Server(s) are not running at any given time, a restart of the job should be automatically triggered.
  5. If the monitor does not trigger it, the appearance of message DK100201 or DK100567 should be set up to trigger it.
  6. There is no danger in attempting to start the PC Server(s) multiple times; subsequent PC Server tasks will end with a message indicating that the PC Server is running (for message details, see tableBASE messages).
  7. If CICS regions have started while the PC Server(s) are not running, tableBASE will fail to initialize; a message will be returned indicating this condition (for message details, see tableBASE messages).

    tableBASE will not be available in these regions even if the PC Server(s) are subsequently started. After the PC Server(s) are started, this message could be used to trigger recycling these regions or, alternatively invoking the TBST TBINIT transaction (supplied by DataKinetics) in the affected regions. (Contact DataKinetics for further information on using this alternative technique).