SWITCHES parameter

In Version 5, the VTS product had its own settings for the SWITCHES run time option. Starting with Version 6 the VTS product does not have its own SWITCHES settings; it inherits the settings from the interface corresponding to the application being run—Batch, IMS, CICS, DB2 SPAS, etc.

The default settings for the SWITCHES option in Version 5 VTS was NNNNN, while the default settings for the Batch, IMS, CICS, and DB2 SPAS interfaces differ from these values (refer to the installation chapters applicable to the interface). Therefore an application from Version 5 that may have not abended when the VTS-TSR was down (due to a 1072 error) may abend in later versions, unless the SWITCHES setting is changed from the default value to N. Other differing settings may cause other behavioral differences unless changed from their Version 5 default values.