Enhanced Data Integrity option

tableBASE Release 7.0.0 is compatible with z/OS. z/OS runs only on 64-bit processors. But it fully supports 31-bit applications, which includes customers’ CICS, IMS and DB2 applications (and tableBASE). IBM is also committed to continuing to support interaction between 31-bit and 64-bit applications in the future.

z/OS provides an option called “Enhanced Data Integrity” that can be enabled in SYS1.PARMLIB. This option is designed to protect physical sequential (DSORG=PS) datasets allocated with DISP=SHR from being concurrently opened for update by multiple users.

This can affect tableBASE users, since tableBASE libraries can be allocated with DSORG=PS (even though we only document BDAM (DSORG=DA) and VSAM). tableBASE internally protects tableBASE libraries when allocated with DISP=SHR, so “Enhanced Data Integrity” should not be enabled for tableBASE libraries.

The system programmer can bypass this option for specific datasets.

Ensure that tableBASE libraries allocated with DSORG=PS are listed in the exclude list in the IFGPSEDI member.