Transaction TBST

Under CICS, tableBASE is now initialized when DK1TCIN is invoked through transaction TBST (or the PLT). In earlier releases, it was initialized by the first application call to tableBASE. TBST can also assist in resolving tableBASE software problems in a CICS region.

The TBST INIT function initializes the tableBASE software in the CICS region, essentially in the same manner as during CICS initialization. The TBST INIT function reloads all modules and allocates the TSR. The TBST INIT function does not preload any tables.

Normal completion is indicated by the following messages:

  • tableBASE 7 – Resource manager initializing
  • tableBASE Resource manager initialized tableBASE
Under CICS/TS 1.3, message “Phase-in of DK1TCRM not allowed by CICS, current in-storage copy used.” may be displayed. This message may be safely ignored.

The function TBST TERM terminates tableBASE in the region. (Before using TBST TERM, contact DataKinetics Technical Support.) Ensure that no transactions are using the tableBASE software before starting this transaction. The TBST TERM function closes all tables in the local TSR (it does not store them). The TSR and all tableBASE control blocks and modules are deleted from the region.

Normal completion is indicated by the following messages:

  • tableBASE Deactivating
  • tableBASE Deactivated