Step 2—Defining Exits using DK1TX072

The exit definition module, DK1TX072, is used to enable each of the user exit points. Sample source is supplied in your.prefix.SRC. Sample JCL to assemble and link edit the module is supplied in your.prefix.CNTL(ALTX072). The DK1TX072 load module provided by DKL has all exits disabled.

The definition of the user exit points in DK1TX072 is accomplished by using the DK1EXDFN macro. The sample module contains seven iterations of the DK1EXDFN macro, one for the header and one for each of the six user exits. Only 1 header definition is required. The macro iterations must be issued in a specific order, so that they result in a table containing a single header followed by the actual exit definitions.

Figure 26 shows the sample DK1TX072 source module provided. For details on the use of the parameters, see DK1EXDFN Macro Parameters.

To enable your user exit points, the appropriate DK1EXDFN macro must be modified to indicate the user exits you will be using, the name of the user program associated with each exit and the amount of memory allocated for each exit.